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Quorum provides versatile printing and related services to a
wide variety of clients from the local area and further afield.

As a well-established Cheltenham printer, Quorum delivers varied printing services to corporates, SME
and micro businesses in Gloucestershire and the South-west. Quorum’s clients range in size from
to international companies, with a broad mix of print requirements. All demand – and receive – a
wholly professional service.
Many membership organisations from across the country find Quorum’s partnership approach
particularly helpful, and are confident in the company’s expertise in periodical production, data handling
and mailing.
Schools and colleges have multiple print needs, from simple notebooks and general stationery, through
calendars and timetables, to prospectuses, school magazines and yearbooks. Several educational
establishments in Cheltenham and the surrounding area rely on Quorum.
Small publishing companies (of both books and magazines) often prefer to deal with suppliers of a
similar size to themselves, rather than with the printing world’s giants. They recognise that Quorum
offers quality and capability alongside the flexibility and personal approach of a smaller organisation.
Self-publishing authors have particular difficulty in finding a printing company which combines the right
expertise with the right approach. Many authors seeking to publish have come to Quorum and been
guided through an otherwise daunting print production process. Some have felt sufficiently encouraged
to write a second book!

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