1 Members will at all times transact business in an ethical, honest manner.
2 Members will display on their premises, wherever practical, the BPIF membership certificate and the
Code of Practice certificate.
3 Members will comply in all aspects with all relevant legislation in the operation of their business.
4 Members will ensure that any advertising or promotion of its services is accurate.
5 Members will do all in their power to ensure customer satisfaction.
6 In all of their dealing with customers, other businesses and each other, members must act decently,
fairly and reasonably, fulfilling their contractual obligations at all times.
7 In the unlikely event that a member is unable to complete work undertaken, the BPIF will endeavour
to refer the customer to other BPIF members who may be able to undertake that work. The customer
will make the final decision as to whether the work is placed with one of the BPIF members offered and
the terms on which the work is transferred.
8 Members will strive to recruit and employ people with appropriate skill levels, provide fair
remuneration and be committed to continuous training and development, bearing in mind equality of
9 BPIF members will offer prices that are fair, competitive and are in the interests of sustainable
business relationships.
10 In the event of a complaint from a customer the member must ensure that appropriate, effective and
immediate action is taken with a view to achieving a just settlement. In the event that a complaint is not
resolved, the member should inform the customer that they may refer the complaint in writing to the
BPIF Chief Executive who will act as an Independent Arbitrator.
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Quorum Print Services is a member of the the
British Printing Industries Federation and is
committed to following its Code of Practice.
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